Réno-Direct goes far beyond offering quality products, accompanying you at every stage of your project. We do everything we can to facilitate your construction work.

Product search

Réno-Direct’s meticulous team is known for being able to find the specific construction product you need from our extensive network of suppliers.


In Quebec and Ontario, you can count on us to deliver your products on time.


Our vast selection of paint colours and quantities makes us a leader in painting for screws, snow guards and other specialized products.

Custom packaging

Regardless of the quantity you order, we’ll pack your screws or other products in transparent boxes with labels that can even be customized with your logo.


To improve your experience, Réno-Direct and its numerous suppliers offer proper training for products or work techniques.

Tool repair

Your damaged tools may still have lots of life left! Check with our staff to see if they can be repaired.

Assembly and rustproofing

When you purchase select products, we can assemble and rustproof them to save you time.

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